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AMAKA is a social enterprise operating out of Jinja, Uganda to support the exquisite craftsmanship of local artisans. It is a place to find high quality, hand-crafted home goods that are a fusion of modern design and traditional craftsmanship. Each item has been painstakingly selected to offer you trendy styles that highlight each piece's unique heritage.  
Amaka was founded on a simple premise – Ugandan artisans can make incredibly beautiful handmade goods, but more than anything, lack market access. We aim to bridge the gap - connecting socially conscious consumers with talented artisans across the world.    
We believe that great businesses must first be good businesses. 
We partner with each artisan to ensure they adhere to strict quality, safety, and labor standards. In exchange, we offer above-market prices, access to international markets, business skills training, financial management tools, inventory and production management training, and access to investment capital. We prioritize businesses that support women’s employment and empowerment initiatives.  
These products can connect the world - from the farmers who harvest raw materials, to artisans who craft it, and customers who love it.
To build prosperous and productive communities that are vibrant, self-sufficient, and sustainable.
To unleash the power, purpose, and potential of African artisans – especially women -  while  delivering high quality, inspiring products our customers are proud to own.
Amaka is a Luganda word meaning family or homestead. Luganda is one of the major languages in Uganda, spoken by more than eight million people, primarily in central Uganda. We picked this name to highlight the welcoming nature of the Ugandan people and illustrate the interconnectedness of our global family and friends.