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At Amaka, our goal is to build up the families and surrounding communities of our artisan partners in a sustainable and self-reliant fashion.

We are proud to be a social enterprise, focused on working together with our partners to develop long-term solutions to poverty through innovation and mutually beneficial exchanges. We aim to develop sustainable business models that leverage existing resources and talent wisely to create both value and impact.   

We pay above market rates to ensure our partners, their families, and communities can truly thrive. In addition, we reinvest a portion of our proceeds back into our partners to expand their businesses and improve their communities. Through our reinvestment fund, partners are able to access capital to buy new equipment or engage in community development initiatives.  

So at this point you're probably thinking, can buying products really help? To that we answer unequivocally: YES! Our partners are incredibly talented, but often lack market access. If we can help them tap into international markets, they can pay school fees for their children, buy nutritious food in the local market, and participate in savings programs. When it comes to savings, it is often for the very first time many of our partners have been able to put away money for a 'rainy day fund.'