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Rebecca journeyed to Uganda in early 2018 on a board of director’s ‘vision trip’ for an education nonprofit to see up close and personal the work being done on the ground.  She fell in love with the people and the culture. But most importantly, she fell in love with a little girl living at a local orphanage. She felt an instant connection and knew she was meant to be this child’s mom.  She returned to the US, but felt an intense longing to return to Uganda.  She quickly put the wheels in motion to adopt this little girl. 

Rebecca moved to Uganda in December 2018 to start a yearlong fostering period – a requirement for all Ugandan adoptions. By March, she had custody of this sweet child.  While she loved being Alana’s mom, she knew she could do so much more good while living in Uganda. 

Rebecca noticed a lot of missionaries and NGOs in the area offering ministry and short-term support.  But she felt that the focus was often not on the thing Uganda needed most – longer-term employment opportunities for locals that enable them to really thrive.  

Amaka gives her a chance to support talented local artisans who in turn help their local communities break free from poverty. When communities are economically stable, access to education, nutrition, and healthcare increases, while poverty and crime decrease.