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Kilombera Weaving

Kilombera was founded in 2004 to support local artisans by producing a range of hand woven products including kikoys, hammocks, throws, scarves, bedspreads, and tablemats using 100% cotton and traditional looms. Everything is made by hand, using traditional weaving techniques on a loom.

Kilombera started with only two weavers and has grown to eight trained weavers, two tailors, and a small admin staff. All training is done in-house and many of the staff have been with the company since its early days.    

100% Ugandan-made...The cotton is grown, spun, dyed, and woven in Uganda.


What does Kilombera mean?

Kilombera is the name of a rare weaver bird found in parts of East Africa. For a male weaver bird to find a mate it must spend hours weaving an intricate and attractively designed nest. Kilombera products have been handwoven by local Ugandans with the same attention to detail.


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