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Mama Mzungu

Founded in 2019, Mama Mzungu is a social enterprise established to support the initiatives of the Women and Children with Albinism in Uganda  (WACWAU). Together, Mama Mzungu and WACWAU are focused on promoting economic empowerment and changing the image of women affected by Albinism.
Mama Mzungu's beautiful, natural soap is made with locally-sourced coconut oil, shea butter and castor oil and scented with pure essential oils. The use of natural color and exfoliants - like ground cinnamon, coffee, peppermint leaf, oatmeal and turmeric - means there are absolutely no chemicals in their soap. Everything is pure and natural - great for your skin while also supporting the economic empowerment of Albino women in Uganda. 
What does Mama Mzungu mean? 
In Uganda, it is common practice to refer to women as Mama, followed by the name of their child, as opposed to their actual names. And the term Mzungu typically refers to a white foreign-born person. However, it is often projected at persons with Albinism in a derogatory or insulting way. Calling ourselves Mama Mzungu takes back that word, reclaims it as our own, and redefines it. Just as other marginalized groups have reclaimed once-derogatory words, we have diminished the power of the insult, redefining it to celebrate the internal and external beauty of our artisans. 
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