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Healing. Empowerment. Dignity. Hope.

Borderlands exists to meet the needs of the millions of refugees and displaced peoples in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their work is focused on helping those who are hurting and facilitate partnerships that result in Christ-exalting friendships. 

Borderlands has a multi-prong approach to refugee care, offering trauma healing, house building, foster care for orphans, clean water initiatives, and work enablement to holistically support the needs of the refugee community.

Borderlands is proud to help empower local women to learn job skills in order to earn wages to help provide for their families. The skills training they receive to make Refuge Soaps helps them find dignity and empowerment as they work to provide for their families. They take pride in their soap products and enjoy the opportunity to make something beautiful and useful with their own hands.

Every bar of soap the ladies make is stamped on the inside of the label, where the woman who made your soap has written her name and the place she calls home in Sudan. 

Women learn to make boutique soap, produce candles and other beeswax products, or bake international sweets they can sell in local markets and the Borderland Coffee Shop. Borderland's work isn't just a refuge from physical need. The women enjoy their time working together...if you walk through the workshop, you're likely to hear laughter, singing, and mingled Arabic and English filtering through the sounds of soap whisking. The deep relationships built over tea breaks, and the spiritual growth fostered through Bible story discussions are also a refuge for the women.