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Aratoon Craft Shop was founded in 2014, by William Mumbunga when he was just 21 years old. Like many young people in Uganda, he earned an advanced certificate but was unable to find a job in his field of study. Determined to provide for himself and his family, he started a woodworking business, a skill he learned from his father as a teenager. Today, William has 3 employees that work under him to create amazing woodwork designs.
William and his team have honed their trade to do intricate details by hand, even things like cursive handwriting and animal sculptures. When offered power tools to help grow his production capacity, William declined saying that he prefers to only work with hand tools. Every piece is truly one of a kind!
The team at Aratoon Craft Shop is happy to work with customers to design a one of a kind piece to celebrate any occasion. Please contact us to design a memorable piece together.