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Yonnah Leather products was founded in 2017 by Yonnah Lukungu.  He grew up at Good Shepherd's Fold, a home for babies and orphan children. After graduating from high school, he attended college for just one year, but dropped out when he could no longer afford tuition.  He then attended a small leather training class offer by a local NGO. He quickly picked up  basic skills purchased some rudimentary tools. He soon focused narrowly on leatherwork, creating his own unique designs and building his customer base. Yonnah really enjoys working with leather because it taps into his artistic and creative side. 
Since inception 3 years ago, Yonnah has continued to grow his business and expand his skills. He works tirelessly to pursue new designs and create amazing products -  he wakes up at 4:30AM to get started each day!
Yonnah has a vision to become the largest producer of leather goods in the country. When asked about his mission, Yonnah shared "To make the best quality products for our customers. To provide better lives for our current and future employees by training and equipping them with the skills that will help them become job creators."